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Urban Decay #BORN TO RUN Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello, dreamers!
Finally, I have time to sit and talk to you about my new favourite eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay – Born to Run. Since it was released last summer, I was super interested in buying it. The time came during the big online Christmas sales and I finally purchased it from 

Born To Run is my first eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and in general, it is the first high-end palette in my makeup collection. I was really fascinated by the quality of the product and the colour selection.

Born to run eyeshadow palette review

The palette combines 11 matte and 10 shimmer & satin eyeshadows. 🌟According to the brand, this palette was designed with on-the-go beauty lover in mind. It is also an interesting fact that Urban Decay features 19 entirely new eyeshadow shades in this palette.

My first impressions

The very first impression when you take the palette in hands is the amazing cover photo. The concept behind Born To Run is creating a palette you would take with you on your next holiday 🧳 or getaway trip. And to be honest, that was the main reason why I chose to buy it. It is a perfect size, easy to carry and contains a variety of colours shades to create different makeup looks.

  • Magnet protection for secure opening
  • Full-length mirror
  • 21 shades x 0,8 g

Just like all the other Urban Decay eyeshadows palettes we love, the Born To Run formula has extremely pigmented colours, that blend easily. All 21 shades are soft and buttery by touching them. ❤️


Now you will see some swatches of the eyeshadows. Starting from the top to the bottom you can see the shades:


urban decay swatch
born to run swatches

First eyeshadows try

I got inspiration for this makeup look from this Instagram post.

So, despite the strange faces I have on the pictures 😂 this is the final result.

My final opinion about Born To Run is that this is the perfect palette for somebody who wants to have a variety of colours and a mix of shimmery and matte shades all in 1. The quality is top and I think Urban Decay made an awesome hit with this palette. I can’t wait to share even more Born To Run looks with you!

Stay positive,
Vyara 😊

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