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Revit modelling: Doughnut skyscraper hotel in Abu Dhabi

Hello dreamers.
Today, I want to show you another 3D modelling project. This is a doughnut skyscraper hotel in Abu Dhabi. The project is done until the early design phase. I was inspired by a picture of a similar real-existing building in China. To create the model and the visualization of the building I used Revit Architecture and Lumion.

One of the main purposes to create this building shape was to learn new techniques of modelling masses is Revit Architecture.

Basic design concept

The main concept I had for this project was a doughnut shape building with a curtain wall system and over 20 floors. Another important part of the architectural design is the overhanging terraces. They create an impression for poking floors out of the building. In fact, these terraces can be also part of the shading system in the building.

doughnut skyscraper
doughnut skyscraper

Greetings, Vyara


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