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How to Make Moving Easier: My 10 Hacks & Tricks

You found a new lovely home and it is time for moving out. Dreaming how happy you will be there and everything seems so nice… until you realize you have to actually move all of your stuff there.

We all know how stressful and even terrifying is moving to a new place. Very often the lack of time for packing ends with chaos of items everywhere, messy house and angry people. But don’t start crying now, I experienced a couple of movings and I will share with you my 10 hacks and tricks for moving easier.

1. Make a plan

I started planning 2 weeks before the actual moving date. The easiest way is to create a list with main categories of items, such as:

The idea of this list is to help you organize your stuff. Then the items from the same categories will be packed together and trust me, that will make your life easier when you start unpacking.

2. Reusable boxes

It is time to start packing your stuff in boxes. Wait before you start running to buy moving boxes from the store. Moving a whole house or an apartment in brand new boxes might cost you a lot of money. Instead, you can ask some friends if they don’t have a spare boxes that you can borrow.

When I was moving I actually got boxes from restaurants and supermarkets. This is a great idea to save money, to recycle and save some trees. In fact, a lot of supermarkets and stores are throwing in special places their carton boxes so you can go and ask them to save some for you.

3. Yes to the vacuum bags

The person who invented the vacuum bag deserves a Nobel prize, for real. It is a lifesaver and can make your moving process much easier. You can use vacuum bags for your clothes, bed sheets, pillows, etc.

What I did was to put the bag with clothes in one of my suitcases and then I vacuumed it so it saved a lot of space.

4. Roll not Fold your clothes

This trick is pretty simple. Instead of folding your clothes try to roll them and put next to each other. This will protect your clothes from wrinkles and will save you extra space.

5. Fragile Items – Use towels and scarfs

When it comes to the fragile items such as the favorite vase from your mom or the nice glass decoration, we have to consider how to protect them during moving.

My top discovery after my last moving is to use towels and scarfs. Instead of buying special bubble wrap I used my scarfs to protect the fragile items in the boxes.

6. Glasses packed in socks and gloves

The next trick is to put your glasses into socks or even gloves before you place them in the box. This hack will save you from buying unnecessary wrapping and anyway you would have to pack your socks and gloves.

I put between the glasses a piece of napkin for extra protection and then placed them in the socks and gloves.

7. Plastic foil wrapping

Maybe this is the only non-sustainable idea in my list but it is very very useful. You can buy from any supermarket plastic foil for food wrapping and use it to wrap some of your furniture pieces. This hack will protect any surfaces from scratches and damages.

This is how I wrapped one of my bookcases with plastic foil before we moved. Thanks to this little trick it was saved from any damages.

8. Pot plants – how to transport them?

One of my biggest issue during the moving process was to find a way to transport my lovely plants. I was not sure how to take them so they don’t get destroyed. In the very last minute, I came with the idea to put them in an open IKEA box like this one.

Collect all of your plants in a box without cover. To protect the pots from breaking, you can simply use something soft between them, like scarf or a towel.

9. Essential backpack

You will need this hack, trust me. Very often you don’t think about the most essential stuff you are going to need the first days after moving to a new place. Imagine, trying to open boxes looking for charger, cosmetics, toothbrush, clothes and so on. This was the reason why I prepared an essential backpack for myself before we moved to our new home.

Here I have a list with suggestions to help you make your own Essential backpack:

  • Documents and important papers
  • Chargers for phone, laptop, etc.
  • Travel size cosmetics for 1-2 days – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes and a towel
  • Dish soap and a sponge
  • A pair of clothes you will need the first days
  • Toolbox and measurement tape
  • Pencil and notebook ( if you need to draw or write down something)

10. Label your boxes

Last but not least, don’t forget to label the boxes. When you are in your new place and need to find something it will be very easy to look at the label. This will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Another option you can try is to place some kind of colour stickers on the boxes instead of writing. Each colour is a different category such as kitchen items, food products, clothes, etc.

These were 10 tested and working for me moving hacks. I hope you will find some of them useful. Moving to a new place is a challenge and a big change. Sometimes people are getting stressed about the whole process but if you follow these tips and create your action plan, the moving will be much easier.

Vyara 🙂

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