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Lumene Finland: 3 Products For Dry Skin

Are you struggling with dry skin like me as well? Lumene Finland has 3 products for dry skin that you might be interested in.

One of the biggest issues to live in Denmark next to the Baltic sea is the wind. I am from the people who struggle with super dry skin and every wind is a challenge for me. In January my skin got really dehydrated and itchy and I needed to take urgent actions to recover it.

I did my research about the problem and I ordered new skincare from Lumene Finland in 3 steps with a huge hope that this will help my skin to recover and get moisturized.

A story to be told – Lumene

Lumene’s story is deeply connected and rooted in Finland where pure skin care and organic ingredients are valued as a natural beauty for us. More about their story you can find on the official website of the brand.

If I caught your interest now, let me tell you more about the products I chose.

Lumene 3 dry skin products

Nordic-C Pure Glow Cleansing Balm

In my daily skin care routine I always use some kind of cleansing gel or balm in combination with micellar water. This two are perfect for cleansing my skin which is sensitive and dry exposed on Danish weather everyday.

Therefore, I needed to find a cleansing product that will not over dry my skin but at the same time will clean all of the dirt from it. That’s why I choose to try Nordic-C Pure Glow Cleansing Balm from Lumene.

After almost 2 months using it, I have to say that it works fine, it cleans without leaving my skin over dry. It can’t help you if you have oily skin or other specific problem like acne, simply because it doesn’t clean your pores deeply.
The consistency is thick and a little bit sticky so I applied it on wet skin and then the product transform into a soft creamy foam. It promises to brighten your skin but unfortunately, I didn’t see an effect on mine.

  • How much it cost? – €19
    Lumene official website – €15
  • Size
    125 ml / 4.2 Fl.Oz.
  • Is it vegan? – Yes
  • Will I buy it again?
    Probably not, but I will try other cleansing products from the brand.

Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask

I’m super excited to share with you how amazing this Aerating Gel Mask from Lumene is. Some of the active ingredients in the mask are pure arctic spring water and organic birch sap which instantly boost the moisture in the skin.
The mask has gelly texture and absorbs in the skin very fast. Use it 2-3 times a week, always on clean skin, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cool water. My skin was instantly hydrated and in combination with the other 2 products from Lumene I managed to recover the moisture and brightness in it.

  • How much it costs? – € 23,88
    Lumene official website – € 21,90
  • Size
    150 ml
  • Is it vegan? – Yes
  • Will I buy it again?
    Yes, yes, yes! It is a wonderful product that works excellent for my skin.

Nordic Hydra 24h Replenishing Balm

One of my biggest hopes was to find a deeply hydrating cream for my dry skin. I choose to try the Nordic Hydra 24h Replenishing Balm from Lumene.
The cream has a thick consistency and absorbs fast in the skin without leaving it greasy. The smell is very soft, neutral and natural. I highly recommend to use it with your night skincare routine because it can be too heavy for your skin during the day. From the other side, I needed a deep moisturizer during the day because the condition of my skin was terrible.

  • How much it costs? – €24
    Lumene’s official website – €20,9
  • Size
    50 ml
  • Is it vegan? – Yes
  • Will I buy it again?
    I would purchase it again if I’m looking for a good moisturizer.
Lumene gel mask and 24h cream

My overall opinion about these 3 products is very positive. I definitely saw results for improving the hydration in my dry skin. Lumene is a new brand for my skincare routine but certainly, their products will have a place on my make up shelf.

Take care for your skin girls,
Kisses Vyara

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