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Late Sunday: Baking Christmas Cookies with the girls

One of my absolute favourite traditions for Christmas is baking cookies. Since I was a kid, December is all about a house full with the smell of oranges, mandarins and cinnamon. This year I told myself that I will find the special recipes and make some of my mum’s cookies. But baking alone is not much fun, right? 🙂 All you need is to take some friends with you and have a lot of fun.

Look at these tasty Chocolate cracking cookies 🍪😋

The last Sunday before Christmas was the perfect time to gather our small girls’ crew (me, Maja and Lili) and do something fun together. I found the cookies recipes in an old notebook, written there at least 6-7 years ago. Chocolate cracked cookies, My Gingerbread cookies with icing and Orange flavoured biscuits were the chosen recipes.
So, the plan was 3 girls vs. 3 types of cookies and a small shopping before that.

The shopping

Most of the fun about cooking or specifically baking with friends is the preparation. I have to tell you that shopping on Sunday before Christmas is a small nightmare – crowds of people in the supermarket and me, not the most patient person in the world. But anyways, we finished with the shopping quite on time and then took the way to Maja’s apartment and started with the cookies dough.

Preparing the cookie dough

To prepare three types of different cookie dough when the recipes are written in Bulgarian is quite a challenge. Especially because my friends don’t speak Bulgarian. So, how did it work then?

I was a supervisor and translator for the girls when they were mixing the ingredients and made all 3 types of cookie dough. It was so much fun when I was spinning around and trying to check if everything is alright.

Girls talk, Coffee break & Making the cookies

It was time for some coffee break after the dough was in the fridge to rest for one hour. During our coffee time, Maja showed us the Christmas presents she bought for her Danish family. Suddenly, we realized it is time to start cutting the cookies and finally baking them.

Baking the Christmas cookies and decorating

The last part of making cookies is the baking and final decoration. After the long preparation we were already so excited to try them. To decorate the Gingerbread cookies we prepared a special icing. We made it colourful using special food colours.

Icing for cookies:
1 egg white
220 gr powder sugar
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice

  1. Wisk the egg white with the powder sugar and the pinch of salt on medium speed with a hand mixer.
  2. Whisk it for 2-3 minutes until the icing has a smooth and thick consistency.
  3. Add the lemon juice and store the icing covered with foil in room temperature up to 6h before using it.
  4. Additionally, you can add food colours. When you use the icing on cookies it needs 1-2h to dry on room temperature before it is completely ready.

Looking at these pictures above makes me smile. 🙂 The most precious moments of the holidays are when we spend quality time with our close family and friends. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, my dear friends. Let’s make a wish and get into the New 2019 Year more positive and happily embracing ourselves.

With love,

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