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Easy DIY gift: Coffee mug

Hello dreamers,
Are you in a creative mood today or maybe you want to make something special for a friend? This DIY project for a coffee mug is very simple and easy. It will take you only 9 steps to create your own unique coffee mug.

If you still don’t have ideas for Christmas present for your family and friends then this easy DIY project can be the perfect gift.

All you need for this project:
1. White porcelain coffee mug
2. Normal pencil and pen 
3. Tape
4. A piece of paper 
5. Special colourful markers for glass and porcelain surfaces 

Instructions step by step 

  1. Cut a small piece of paper that will fit your coffee mug size. Choose what you want to draw or write on the paper. You can print it or simply draw i directly on the paper.

2. Flip the paper on the other side and use a standard pencil to colour everything like it is shown on the photo. 

3. Adjust the piece of paper on top of the cup. The colored pencil side has to be on the bottom and you can use tape to stick the paper properly. 

4. Use a pen to redraw the lines of your text or image. It is important to press a little bit harder so thеre will be a trace from the pencil on the porcelain.

5. Next step is to remove very carefully the paper and the tape from the cup. You will see the lines printed on the porcelain surface. They will guide you when you start drawing with the colorful markers. 

6. Now it is the funny part. Take the chosen marker and start making dots on top of the lines as it is visible on the picture above. 

7. Use the colors that you like and don’t be afraid if the dots are not perfectly the same. That is how my coffee mug looked during the creating process.

8. When you are done with decorating the coffee mug, put it in the oven according to the instructions written on your special markers. 

In my case, I had to put the cup in a cold oven and heat to 160 degrees Celsius. When the desired temperature was reached the mugs had to stay for 10 minutes in the oven and then to take them out. 

9.  Cool down the coffee mug after the baking is done and then it is ready for wrapping and final decorations. 

So, my dear dreamers,
I hope you enjoyed my gift idea and try to make this nice DIY coffee mugs at home. Have a lovely Ho-ho-ho Christmas, everyone! 

Greetings, Vyara


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